Lab-Scale Biodiesel Processors

The Lab Scale Biodiesel processor is designed to produce biodiesel on a small scale.  The system has a 50 litre oil reservoir, a 12 litre methanol reservoir, and a 30 litre settling reservoir with a throughput capacity of 10 litres a minute.

The Lab Scale system is used to test new feedstocks at a larger biodiesel facility, in the laboratory or educational setting for research and development activities, or by a small producer who only needs to process a small volume of biodiesel on a daily or weekly basis.

Lab-Scale Biodiesel ProcessorsLab-Scale Biodiesel Processors
Lab-Scale Biodiesel Processors

The system requires the use of a refined feedstock oil with less than 1% Free Fatty Acids (FFA).

A single control panel manages the functions of the system allowing for simple operation and minimal training requirements.  The system is designed for quick startup and shutdown.

The Lab Scale Biodiesel processor can be fabricated, certified, and shipping within 90 days of receipt of deposit.  The system can be installed and operating once the power is connected and the reservoir’s filled.