• Solutions

    • Biodiesel

      Modular Biodiesel production system via continuous stream technology, which complies with European EN 14214 and American ASTM D 6751 standards.

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    • Blending

      Advanced Blending Systems incorporating cavitation technology, which are designed to blend from three to five separate liquid components.

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    • Biochem

      The Biochem division will successfully commercialize products from processes with a large established markets, that can be produced without the need for government subsidies to be profitable.

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    • Storage

      Vertical cylindrical tanks with the capacity from 100 m3 up to 50,000 m3 for the storage of oil and chemical products, and structural metal constructions for industrial and civil purposes.

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    • Oil Extraction

      Modular Oil Extraction Plants including the pre-treatment of the seeds through removal of fruit bunch and de-hulling, and oil extraction by a scew-press.

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    • Oil Purification

      A complete range of multi-industry portable oil purification and filtration equipment for heating and regeneration units, and for transformers, industrial, turbine, compressor and purification and filtration of oils.

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    • Plantation & Bio-Oils

      The turnkey establishment and management of large-scale high yielding Bio-oil plantations, which provides a vertically integrated Bio-oils operation including oil extraction, oil storage, seed-dehulling, and Biodiesel refining.

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  • Latest News

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    • Biodiesel production from used oils and fats offers high revenue prospects

      Local communities producing Biodiesel from used oils and fats can effectively provide a high-value product to supplement local fuel use and form an additional revenue stream for farmers who produce oil-yielding crops, says Biodiesel specialist Innovative Technology Systems Inc. In order for the sustainable bio-fuels industry to exist, there must be an existing market for ...


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    • ITS provides Biodiesel plant multi-feedstock retrofitting

      With vegetable oil prices rocketing in the past couple of years most biodiesel plants built during the industry’s boom are struggling to remain in profitability, because they were only designed for processing low FFA oils. The situation is becoming very serious, and it is now a case of “evolution or dissolution”. With this in mind ...


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    • JOil achieves first-year yields in India jatropha field trials

      JOil Pte. Ltd., a joint venture jatropha development company that consists of Singapore-based Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, TATA Chemicals and Toyota Tsusho Group, has achieved first-year yields in its India field trials of more than 2 tons of seeds per hectare. The results from marginal land plots in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, according ...


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